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Commercial concrete flooring continues to increase in popularity due to its stylish appearance and unbeatable durability. Our concrete flooring finishes will instantly modernise your space. Concrete flooring will further your image as a contemporary, cutting edge company that moves with the times.


Grind & Seal

Often mistaken for polished concrete due to its resembling characteristics, the grind and seal is merely a cost effective coating system application. 

The process goes through exposing the concrete through mechanical grinding, followed by removing the scratches and ensuring all surface imperfections are removed before applying the selected topical sealer to your flooring that gives it the protection and shine it needs. 

A grind and seal is a common request for clients that want a fast cost effective solution that resembles a mechanically polished concrete floor.


Epoxy Coating

You can achieve astounding results with epoxy flooring and its extensive list of advantages.

  • Epoxy flooring is impervious to many chemicals such as oil and bleach

  • It’s resistant to dust, germs, and bacteria – so you know it’s not harbouring any nasties

  • It’s incredibly easy to clean

  • It has fantastic longevity due to its diehard durability

  • It has a beautiful glossy shine

Many looks and finishes that can be achieved using epoxy flooring. 

Julius Flooring will take the time to find precisely what look you want. The team will spend time showing you samples of a wide assortment of finishes until your vision is pinpointed.

Epoxy flooring is a brilliant choice for:

  • Medical facilities

  • Garages

  •  Food prep and storage areas

  •  Retail spaces

  •  Warehouses

  • Beauty salons

The team at Julius Flooring are experts at epoxy floor installations. You can have confidence that you’re dealing with an experienced, skilled, and conscientious team that will get the job done the right way the first time.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete flooring packs a punch in the popularity stakes.

And there are many reasons why.

  •  It’s sleek

  •  It’s stain-resistant

  • It’s extremely hard wearing

  • It’s cost-effective

  • And at the end of the day, it looks a million dollars

Julius Flooring has invested heavily in acquiring the right equipment to finish your floors to the highest specification.

Our staff are specially trained in the technical aspects of mechanically polishing concrete floors.

As a bonus, our equipment, and the techniques we use also minimise dust. And rest assured we’ll take the time to clean up any residue that’s left behind, so you’re not left grappling with a mess once we’re finished.

We can prepare and polish your existing concrete floors or liaise with your preferred concreter and builder to ensure your selected mix will yield the results you desire when we arrive to polish your concrete.

You’ll be offered experienced-based advice and an array of choice when it comes to finishes and aggregate colours for new floors.

Polished concrete flooring is an excellent choice for

  • Showroom floors

  • Trendy restaurants, cafes, and bars

  • Hairdressers

  • Medical practices

  • Shopping centre flooring

  • Factory and warehouse flooring and

  • Carparks

Julius Flooring cares about the quality of the finish and your ultimate satisfaction.

original (8).jpeg

Nil Exposure

Removing the bare minimum this finish is extremely hard finish to achieve without the correct pour. Nil Exposure is meant for little to no stone being revealed and the tiny pin holes grouted.

Salt & Pepper

A very sleek and industrial look, this finish exposes aggregate randomly throughout the floor depending on how the substrate was poured. This is the most cost effective option.

Full Exposure

With the correct pour and intensive mechanical grinding we can fully expose all the stone within your floor. Desired in homes and showrooms it is more labour intensive and pricing reflects this.



This leaves no clarity or reflection in the floor as we cease early with our resins process to achieve this result.

Max. 200 Hiperflex resins


Floor Preparation

The focus in flooring is often the finished product. However, it is imperative that you hire a team that will get things right from the ground up.

 This means hiring a team that will properly prepare the foundation and make sure it adheres to Australian Standards. Julius Flooring are specialists at doing just that.

There are so many methods that can be used to prepare a subfloor before floor coverings are installed and rest assured, we’ll choose the method best suited to your project.


Our new and innovative diamond techonology machinery can be used in the removal of surface irregularities and imperfections ensuring a smooth substrate to install your new flooring.

IMG-5015 (1).JPG


Alternately we can use levelling compounds to rectify subfloors that aren’t suited to mechanical correction. This helps to achieve a smooth subfloor for your new flooring to be laid on.

Contaminent Removal

Mechanically removing paints, adhesives, epoxy coatings, and other liquids and chemicals allows for optimum adhesion and eliminates the potential for residue to bleed through and ruin your new flooring.

original (10).jpeg

Various products can be used for:

  • Levelling: Your floors may need levelling if they have a poorly laid slab that is unable to be rectified by grinding. It’s also a great option when timeframes are short, and a quick fix is needed.

  • Bulk Filling: Bulk filling raises the height of one subfloor to match another.

  • Crack Repair: Carrying out crack repair reduces the chance of visible cracks appearing through your floor coverings.

  • Ramping: Ramping procedures and products eliminate nasty trip hazards, which can be a liability to your business.

At Julius Flooring we’ll make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish using only trusted products from industry specialists.



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