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Complete our contact form below and one of our friendly sales team will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours.

To avoid embarrassment please refrain from pressuring our sales team into giving you a "rough price" over the phone. A "rough price" is not something we provide. We can however give you a realistic price and can provide this to you within a reasonable time frame.



  • What is involved for me to get a quote from you?
    We want to help you, we really do! Across our website you will find multiple opportunities to complete our 'Contact' form. Please complete this form with as many details as you can so we can direct the most knowledgable and friendly sales staff to handle your inquiry. Quotes vary significantly due to the multitude of factors involved. Our quotes are assessed on a case by case basis and therefor giving you a "ballpark" figure is unrealistic without ticking a few boxes first. If you have a general question we are more than happy to assist, so please call us on 02 7200 5400
  • Do you provide emergency service?
    Yes! We understand that sometimes things happen unexpectadly and sometimes out of your control. If you have an issue with your commercial flooring that requires an immediate repair or replacement due to posing an imminent risk to safety, please contact us immediately so we can organise to have this rectified for you as promptly as we can.
  • What budgets do you cater to?
    Here at Julius Flooring we believe that everyone deserves both a product and an installation that is of the highest quality. Our range is extensive and therefore we can offer inexpensive solutions all the way through to high end for our clients.
  • Can you remove my current flooring?
    Of course we can. Demolition and removal of existing floor coverings is something our team can include in your quote if you request. We have the machinery and means to safely remove any floor covering and can ensure it is disposed of correctly. However, we do understand that sometimes clients like to handle the removal of existing floor coverings to reduce their financial outlay and that too is fine with us. If you would like to complete the demolition yourself we also have a range of domestic demolition equipment available to hire.
  • What measurements do you use to price my floor?
    We work in both linear and square metres. Sometimes you might hear us use the term 'Broadloom' which refers to the width of the loom that comes in commonly 3.66 metres and the lesser of 2.0 and 4.0 meters. If calculating planks or carpet tiles we will work off a box rate to more accurately allow for your space as these products come in varying widths and lengths and are sold per box.
  • Who are your suppliers?
    We work with the best suppliers in the industry because we offer nothing less than the best in terms of our services and our products should also reflect this value. So we can offer you products from the following incredible suppliers; Godfrey Hirst, Polyflor, Signature Floors, Gerflor, Inspired Floorcoverings, PLAE, Regupol, A1 Rubber, Tarkett, Forbo, EC Carpets & Beaulieu.
  • What other services do you provide?
    Our team are trained to perform demolition and removal works, subfloor grinding, surface preparation, contaminant removal & building and installation of gym equipment. Did you know that we custom build acoustic weightlifting/deadlift platforms? We told you we're versatile!
  • Do you only install carpet?
    It's probably quicker to inform you of the products we don't install as that list is shorter. At Julius Flooring we couldn't possibly install every floor covering so we've left Timber and Tiles to someone else. We cover the installation of carpets , vinyl (sheet and plank), carpet tiles, Rubber and Synthetic Turf. We like to think that we have mastered our skills in the installation of these products and will continue to work with them.
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